I joined Fiverr

Due to the situation with corona virus and my constantly changing geographic I decided to offer my online services! Now I can be reachable anytime, anywhere.

Fiverr It’s really fast and easy way to work together and help each other with your unique talents.
Also you can lern there and improve your skills! I’m really happy that i discovered Fiverr for myself!

About This Gig

Get your photos an Instagram look! 
This gig is perfect for everyone who want to grow his Blog, Instagram or other social media. Also for those, who just seek perfection. Perfect, catchy images is the key to be noticed!

I will prepare your perfect photo for social media:

  • Color Correction 
  • Composition 
  • Skin Editing 
  • Reshape Face & Body 
  • Remove Objects 
  • Perfect Clean Background
  • Instagram Presets 
Evelyn Meis Evelyn Meis
Evelyn Meis Evelyn Meis

About This Gig

This gig is perfect for make up artist, photographers and people from beauty and fashion industry.

Basic Retouching (Basic color/contrast adjustments & Skin correction)

High-End Retouching (Pixel level skin correction and smoothing, Detailed handwork in textures and color /skin, hair, etc/, Clothes retouching, Background adjustment, Adjustment of tonality, Body shaping)

Evelyn Meis Evelyn Meis
Evelyn Meis Evelyn Meis